MARCA ROYO - Espíritu de innovaciónROYO INNOVA

ROYOINNOVA , SL is the new company name ROYO & ESCODA , who for twenty years and has been continuously serving the customers of the brand ” ROYO” , which has been its second-generation family .

ROYOINNOVA , SL remains the same company forever which has only been given a new name , more suitable to your current reality, which first defined the brand ROYO well known for over seventy years ago , for those legendary sorting you round so appreciated by all egg producers who used them in the beginning, and INNOVA to highlight the spirit of technological innovation that the company has decided to face her future .

ROYOINNOVA , SL is an old company with a new name, in which live the experience and knowledge of many years, the enthusiasm and the excellent technical preparation of a new generation, so that when , can, once again, the relay occur while to serve a Udes . , our customers, we have always honored with her ​​confidence and distinction.


experience and knowledge will + spirit of technological innovation